Fannin County, TX



County/Shire : Latitude: 33.5544296, Longitude: -96.1526985


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 BUTLER, Howard J.  Jan 1873Fannin County, TX I6566
2 BUTLER, Newton B.  15 Mar 1878Fannin County, TX I6567
3 DARWIN, Alice   I1176
4 DARWIN, Bessie Neel  Sep 1889Fannin County, TX I1145
5 DARWIN, Elizabeth Ann  27 Nov 1880Fannin County, TX I1140
6 DARWIN, Elsie  1910Fannin County, TX I8942
7 DARWIN, Everett Carl  3 Sep 1904Fannin County, TX I1172
8 DARWIN, Hiram Lonnie  22 Nov 1886Fannin County, TX I1142
9 DARWIN, Jessie Florence  Sep 1889Fannin County, TX I1148
10 DARWIN, Joel J.  1912Fannin County, TX I1178
11 DARWIN, John D.  07 Mar 1875Fannin County, TX I1133
12 DARWIN, Lena  1878Fannin County, TX I1137
13 DARWIN, Virgie  1909Fannin County, TX I8950
14 DARWIN, Walter  07 Mar 1875Fannin County, TX I1135
15 DARWIN, Walter Lee  1907Fannin County, TX I1174
16 FENNEL, Lilly M.  1905Fannin County, TX I8945
17 FENNEL, Maggie  1903Fannin County, TX I8944
18 FENNEL, Oscar  Feb 1900Fannin County, TX I8943
19 FENNEL, Velma F.  1919Fannin County, TX I8947
20 FENNEL, Willis Ruth  1916Fannin County, TX I8946
21 ISHAM, Effie T.  13 Sep 1884Fannin County, TX I6573
22 SLACK, Vada Selene  8 Feb 1894Fannin County, TX I11667
23 SLACK, Virgil Whitley  19 Sep 1896Fannin County, TX I11668
24 SLACK, William Anderson  1 Jul 1889Fannin County, TX I11665
25 TAYLOR, Adolphus Kelley  03 May 1881Fannin County, TX I7065
26 TAYLOR, Sidney Albert  05 Mar 1878Fannin County, TX I7064
27 WEST, Lucy Allie  2 Dec 1892Fannin County, TX I1143


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 BOWLIN, Annie  Bef 1910Fannin County, TX I1128
2 DARWIN, Charles D.  24 Feb 1911Fannin County, TX I1127
3 DARWIN, Elizabeth Ann  4 Apr 1981Fannin County, TX I1140
4 DARWIN, Elsie  Bef 1920Fannin County, TX I8942
5 DARWIN, Hiram Clay  22 Sep 1916Fannin County, TX I1088
6 DARWIN, Hiram Lonnie  4 Apr 1974Fannin County, TX I1142
7 DARWIN, Walter  1875Fannin County, TX I1135
8 DARWIN, William Andrew  23 May 1964Fannin County, TX I1129
9 FENNEL, William Monroe  23 Nov 1931Fannin County, TX I1141
10 POTTER, Cora May  29 Sep 1916Fannin County, TX I1130
11 WEST, Lucy Allie  4 Apr 1927Fannin County, TX I1143


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 DARWIN / BOWLIN  1893Fannin County, TX F0628
2 DARWIN / MILES  Abt 1902Fannin County, TX F0633
3 DARWIN / POTTER  Abt 1908Fannin County, TX F0629
5 DARWIN / WEST  Abt 1907Fannin County, TX F0637
6 FENNEL / DARWIN  1899Fannin County, TX F0636
7 SLACK / DARWIN  1886Fannin County, TX F0632