North Carolina, USA



State/Province : Latitude: 35.7595731, Longitude: -79.0192997


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Mary  1891North Carolina, USA I6722
2 Nannie   I3601
3 Sarah  1804North Carolina, USA I3712
4 ADCOCK, Edward H.  1810North Carolina, USA I3746
5 ADCOCK, George W.  18 Dec 1815North Carolina, USA I3748
6 BAKER, John Edwin Harrison  1833North Carolina, USA I11955
7 BEAM, Aaron R.  1836North Carolina, USA I2713
8 BENSON, Horace Franklin  6 Aug 1921North Carolina, USA I2672
9 BLACK, Eunice Irene  Aug 1879North Carolina, USA I7851
10 BUCHANAN, Elmore  Sep 1873North Carolina, USA I2789
11 BUCHANAN, Jefferson  22 Dec 1897North Carolina, USA I2792
12 BUCHANAN, Lola  Dec 1890North Carolina, USA I2791
13 BUCKNER, Alexander  Abt 1862North Carolina, USA I2937
14 BUCKNER, Alfred  Abt 1854North Carolina, USA I2934
15 BUCKNER, Betty  Abt 1866North Carolina, USA I2940
16 BUCKNER, Ellis  Abt 1853North Carolina, USA I2933
17 BUCKNER, Haley  Abt 1855North Carolina, USA I2935
18 BUCKNER, John  1859North Carolina, USA I2936
19 BUCKNER, Martha L.  Jul 1863North Carolina, USA I0102
20 BUCKNER, Mary Polly  1834North Carolina, USA I11956
21 BUCKNER, Tenny  Abt 1862North Carolina, USA I2939
22 BURLESON, Aaron III  1768North Carolina, USA I12382
23 BURLESON, Charles Wesley  1865North Carolina, USA I2347
24 BURLESON, Eliza  1843North Carolina, USA I2227
25 BURLESON, Emelia  1842North Carolina, USA I2225
26 BURLESON, Emma Lydia  1859North Carolina, USA I2341
27 BURLESON, Judith  1857North Carolina, USA I12361
28 BURLESON, Robert Jefferson  1851North Carolina, USA I2247
29 BURLESON, Thomas Scott  1861North Carolina, USA I2346
30 BURLESON, Wilson Lafayette  1846North Carolina, USA I2236
31 CHANDLER, James  Jun 1845North Carolina, USA I3206
32 CLEMENTS, Bethiah White  03 Feb 1798North Carolina, USA I3287
33 DARWIN, Mary Lalage  22 May 1891North Carolina, USA I4869
34 DAVIS, William  ca 1822North Carolina, USA I0069
35 DUDNEY, Andrew  1789North Carolina, USA I3538
36 DUNNAGAN, Benjamin Black  1801North Carolina, USA I3747
37 FRYE, Pauline  1896North Carolina, USA I2765
38 GEORGE, Emeline  05 Jun 1813North Carolina, USA I4131
39 GREEN, Herman  1908North Carolina, USA I12344
40 GREEN, James Lester  2 Nov 1936North Carolina, USA I515
41 GREENE, Denishie  22 Mar 1878North Carolina, USA I2380
42 GREENE, Eliza M.  Oct 1883North Carolina, USA I2391
43 GREENE, James Garfield  10 Mar 1881North Carolina, USA I0523
44 GREENE, Landon H.  9 Jan 1852North Carolina, USA I2135
45 GREENE, Mary  1842North Carolina, USA I11483
46 GREENE, Millie  20 Apr 1862North Carolina, USA I11484
47 GREENE, Pettie  Dec 1885North Carolina, USA I2393
48 GREENE, Wilson L.  13 Jun 1872North Carolina, USA I2369
49 HUMBLE, Keziah Albine  1790North Carolina, USA I3713
50 HUTCHINS, Meldonia   I58

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 BARTLETT, Lester Floyd  Aug 1957North Carolina, USA I4879
2 BUCHANAN, John  1860North Carolina, USA I11485
3 BUCHANAN, Susannah  1910North Carolina, USA I2920
4 BURLESON, Isaac C.  18 Sep 1840North Carolina, USA I12391
5 BURLESON, Judith  1909North Carolina, USA I12361
6 BURLESON, Mary Adelaide  21 May 1928North Carolina, USA I0521
7 GREEN, Herman  1920North Carolina, USA I12344
8 GREEN, Mitchell  1880North Carolina, USA I11480
9 GREENE, Millie  15 Jun 1899North Carolina, USA I11484
10 MILLER, Charles Lee  24 Sep 1969North Carolina, USA I2860
11 MILLER, Charles Lee Jr.  26 Sep 1996North Carolina, USA I1668
12 MILLER, Willie M.  30 Aug 1911North Carolina, USA I0180
13 PRICE, James  ante 1870North Carolina, USA I0580
14 SMARR, Otis Copeland   I1848
15 WHITTEMORE, Vance Fred  2003North Carolina, USA I2566


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 BUCHANAN / BURLESON  1843North Carolina, USA F0095
2 BUCKNER / MASSEY  1853North Carolina, USA F1005
3 GREENE / McKINNEY  28 Dec 1865North Carolina, USA F76
5 WHITTEMORE /    F1160