Richmond, Virginia, USA



City/Town : Latitude: 37.540778, Longitude: -77.433928


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 ARNALL, Elnora L.  18 Apr 1861Richmond, Virginia, USA I4750
2 DUNN, Georgia Ann  19 Nov 1894Richmond, Virginia, USA I6831
3 DURVIN, Alexander Franklin Sr.  22 Jun 1910Richmond, Virginia, USA I7870
4 DURVIN, Benjamin Franklin  11 May 1888Richmond, Virginia, USA I6822
5 DURVIN, Bernard Welford  22 Jun 1895Richmond, Virginia, USA I6825
6 DURVIN, Bernard Welford  10 Dec 1923Richmond, Virginia, USA I11057
7 DURVIN, Blanton Dewey  20 May 1898Richmond, Virginia, USA I6826
8 DURVIN, Blanton Dewey Jr.  17 Jul 1921Richmond, Virginia, USA I11056
9 DURVIN, Cecil Ann  6 Apr 1929Richmond, Virginia, USA I11060
10 DURVIN, Charles Leslie  15 Apr 1893Richmond, Virginia, USA I6824
11 DURVIN, Charles Leslie  27 Dec 1914Richmond, Virginia, USA I11049
12 DURVIN, Clyde Salome  11 Jan 1881Richmond, Virginia, USA I6819
13 DURVIN, Garland Theodore  24 Dec 1927Richmond, Virginia, USA I11059
14 DURVIN, Gladys Mae  27 Jul 1921Richmond, Virginia, USA I11052
15 DURVIN, Horace Theodore  14 Aug 1883Richmond, Virginia, USA I6820
16 DURVIN, Jean Ellen  6 Aug 1932Richmond, Virginia, USA I11063
17 DURVIN, June Arlene  24 Aug 1931Richmond, Virginia, USA I11062
18 DURVIN, Lula Mae  17 Nov 1885Richmond, Virginia, USA I6821
19 DURVIN, Margaret Ruth  3 Jan 1925Richmond, Virginia, USA I11058
20 DURVIN, Nelson Crowell  24 Oct 1900Richmond, Virginia, USA I6827
21 DURVIN, Nelson Lee  1917Richmond, Virginia, USA I11050
22 DURVIN, Raymond D.  1919Richmond, Virginia, USA I11051
23 DURVIN, Robert Francis  19 Aug 1890Richmond, Virginia, USA I6823
24 DURVIN, Thomas Warren  4 Sep 1930Richmond, Virginia, USA I11061
25 OSTRANDER, Frank  1920Richmond, Virginia, USA I11039
26 OSTRANDER, George E.  17 Jun 1924Richmond, Virginia, USA I11041
27 OSTRANDER, Virginia L.  26 Apr 1922Richmond, Virginia, USA I11040
28 PETTY, James  1710Richmond, Virginia, USA I3709


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 ARNALL, Elnora L.  13 Mar 1958Richmond, Virginia, USA I4750
2 BURNETT, Willie Anna  May 1979Richmond, Virginia, USA I6833
3 DARWIN, Pressley P.  02 Sep 1861Richmond, Virginia, USA I2737
4 DUNN, Georgia Ann  22 Oct 1987Richmond, Virginia, USA I6831
5 DURVIN, Benjamin Franklin  16 Sep 1886Richmond, Virginia, USA I3827
6 DURVIN, Blanton Dewey  25 Mar 1957Richmond, Virginia, USA I6826
7 DURVIN, Charles Leslie  3 Dec 1946Richmond, Virginia, USA I6824
8 DURVIN, James F.  19 May 1862Richmond, Virginia, USA I3822
9 DURVIN, John Herbert  27 Nov 1904Richmond, Virginia, USA I6766
10 DURVIN, June Arlene  29 Aug 1931Richmond, Virginia, USA I11062
11 DURVIN, Nora Alice  Aft 1920Richmond, Virginia, USA I6767
12 HALL, Lelia Elizabeth  16 Nov 1976Richmond, Virginia, USA I6790
13 HARRIS, Irene Ida  1916Richmond, Virginia, USA I5035
14 LACY, Myrtle O.  Jul 1979Richmond, Virginia, USA I6829
15 OSTRANDER, Frank  1921Richmond, Virginia, USA I11039
16 OSTRANDER, John Thompson  Jan 1970Richmond, Virginia, USA I6799

Civil War: CSA Enlistment

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Civil War: CSA Enlistment    Person ID 
1 DURVIN, Benjamin Franklin  17 Jun 1863Richmond, Virginia, USA I3827

Military Service

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Military Service    Person ID 
1 WARD, John  Jan 1781Richmond, Virginia, USA I3560
2 WARD, John  Apr 1781Richmond, Virginia, USA I3560


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 DURVIN / LACY  11 Mar 1916Richmond, Virginia, USA F2519
2 SMARR / ANDERSON  4 Dec 1929Richmond, Virginia, USA F0837
3 SMITH / DURVIN  1906Richmond, Virginia, USA F4341