Mississippi, USA



State/Province : Latitude: 32.3546679, Longitude: -89.3985283


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Alma  1881Mississippi, USA I5235
2 Annie Laura  1882Mississippi, USA I8404
3 Blanche L.  29 Dec 1885Mississippi, USA I5236
4 BARCLAY, Christopher  Abt 1850Mississippi, USA I7490
5 BARCLAY, George W.  1847Mississippi, USA I5163
6 BARCLAY, R.V.  1856Mississippi, USA I7491
7 BASDEN, Susan C.  Abt 1851Mississippi, USA I4044
8 COOPER, Martha  Abt 1851Mississippi, USA I3707
9 DARWIN, Bessie M.  Dec 1887Mississippi, USA I5234
10 DARWIN, Beth  Mississippi, USA I12020
11 DARWIN, Ella D.  Nov 1881Mississippi, USA I5231
12 DARWIN, Grady Charles  8 May 1919Mississippi, USA I7773
13 DARWIN, Harold David Sr  Mississippi, USA I12017
14 DARWIN, Helen  19 Nov 1919Mississippi, USA I8739
15 DARWIN, James Samuel III  18 Oct 1985Mississippi, USA I12023
16 DARWIN, John  1844Mississippi, USA I4346
17 DARWIN, Joseph Harris  2 Oct 1899Mississippi, USA I5292
18 DARWIN, Kinsley Alexandria Jordan  21 Apr 1994Mississippi, USA I12022
19 DARWIN, Leora  6 Feb 1921Mississippi, USA I7780
20 DARWIN, Margaret Pearl  14 Feb 1911Mississippi, USA I8737
21 DARWIN, Martha Mae  Jun 1896Mississippi, USA I5291
22 DARWIN, Mary William  1846Mississippi, USA I4347
23 DARWIN, Mildred Minnie  21 Jun 1913Mississippi, USA I8738
24 DARWIN, Milton Dean  25 Jul 1916Mississippi, USA I7772
25 DARWIN, Nikki  Mississippi, USA I12021
26 DARWIN, Ollie Sybil  20 Nov 1920Mississippi, USA I8596
27 DARWIN, Rex  18 Jan 1924Mississippi, USA I8598
28 DARWIN, Robert  9 Feb 1922Mississippi, USA I8597
29 DARWIN, Robert Thomas  27 Aug 1916Mississippi, USA I7778
30 DARWIN, Robert V.  1922Mississippi, USA I7774
31 DARWIN, Stoddard F.  25 Jan 1915Mississippi, USA I7771
32 DARWIN, William Ewin  28 Oct 1914Mississippi, USA I7777
33 FORSEE, James McDonald  Aug 1856Mississippi, USA I1107
34 FOSTER, William M.  1834Mississippi, USA I1633
35 HALL, Theophilus  Feb 1850Mississippi, USA I8133
36 HARRISON, Mary E.  1854Mississippi, USA I1638
37 INMAN, Lena Emily  15 Jul 1897Mississippi, USA I12035
38 IZARD, Catherine  15 Nov 1913Mississippi, USA I8758
39 IZARD, Melba C.  12 Dec 1909Mississippi, USA I8756
40 IZARD, Robert  15 Oct 1911Mississippi, USA I8757
41 IZARD, Robert Madison Jr.  12 Jul 1919Mississippi, USA I8759
42 JOYNER, Audrey Neil  1914Mississippi, USA I8732
43 JOYNER, Katherine D  Oct 1909Mississippi, USA I8730
44 JOYNER, Neil G.  1912Mississippi, USA I8731
45 KING, Lewis Carroll  25 Aug 1898Mississippi, USA I8762
46 KING, Medra P.  Abt 1905Mississippi, USA I8764
47 KING, Mildra  Abt 1911Mississippi, USA I8765
48 KING, William D.  Abt 1884Mississippi, USA I5304
49 KUYKENDALL, John L.  Abt 1840Mississippi, USA I4369
50 LOWRY, Bertha L.  26 Dec 1922Mississippi, USA I8706

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 DARWIN, Bessie M.  Bef 1910Mississippi, USA I5234
2 DARWIN, Carrie E.  1947Mississippi, USA I5287
3 DARWIN, Elizabeth Jane  Bef 1865Mississippi, USA I4017
4 DARWIN, George Washington  19 Jun 1954Mississippi, USA I5229
5 DARWIN, James Samuel III  3 Jan 1995Mississippi, USA I12023
6 INMAN, Sarah Elizabeth  9 Jan 1939Mississippi, USA I5238
7 NEEL, Georgia  1903Mississippi, USA I4069
8 RIDGWAY, John Paul  1911Mississippi, USA I8648
9 RIDGWAY, William Troy  18 Jul 1917Mississippi, USA I8666
10 SPEED, Elizabeth  7 Jan 1918Mississippi, USA I8696
11 SPEED, infant  27 Apr 1913Mississippi, USA I8694
12 SPEED, Laurence  11 Sep 1906Mississippi, USA I8690
13 WESTBROOK, Cleo  Bef 1910Mississippi, USA I11086
14 WORD, Nathaniel Rollins  1851Mississippi, USA I5156


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 DARWIN / ATKINSON  Abt 1921Mississippi, USA F1918
2 DARWIN / COOPER  Abt 1851Mississippi, USA F1208