BIB: 1837: Darwin/Bland "Bible" Record

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  • Title  BIB: 1837: Darwin/Bland "Bible" Record 
    Short Title  BIB: 1837: Darwin/Bland "Bible" 
    Repository  Tennessee State Library and Archives 
    Source ID  S1 
    Text  Quarto Page A


    Robert Bland born 9th of March 1733
    And Maried 10th of April.....1757

    1. John Bland born 4th of March 1758
    And was killed 17th Nov....1781

    2. Doshey Bland born 26th of Oct 1757
    And Died 13th of Decmbr.....1765

    (3.) Jane Bland born 2nd of January 1762

    4. Marey Bland born 16th of Decber 1763

    5. Presley Bland born 16th of Feb 1768

    6. Wormley Bland born 17th of Feb 1771

    (7.) Elisha Bland born 9th of April 1775

    (8.) Lyddia Bland born 2nd of May 177(x)

    Quarto Page B

    Births, c.

    9. Payton Bland born 1st of Jan 1780

    10. James Bland born 29th Nov 1783

    Meariages and Births

    William Darwin born June 26th................... 1707

    And Maried Sept 26th...................................1734

    Jane Darwin born June 23thd........................1715

    1. Agnes Darwin born June 29th................173(x)

    2. Jane Darwin born Sept 26th....................1737

    3. Keziah Darwin born Jan 13th..................1740

    4. William Darwin born August 5th............1742

    5. James Darwin born June 19th.................17(xx)

    6. Bartlett Darwin born Jan 3th...................1(xxx)

    Quarto Page Y

    Freshes in Broad River

    Big Fresh September 11th.....1784
    April fresh 1792 and June 13th 1795
    and August 15th 1795 and September 26
    1795 and January 20th 1796
    Big fresh April 21st 1808 Another in
    May 1808 another in March 1812
    Another July 29th big fresh 1814
    Sept 15th big fresh 1824 Dec 18th 1824
    Dec 13th big fresh 1830, August 25th 1831
    Feb 19th big fresh 1833 April 7th 1833
    Sept 19th big fresh 1834
    November 17th big fresh 1834

    Quarto Page Z

    Decembus Abram Summerford his book

    De[?????]tion is the best born[?] [????]

    Quarto Page M


    Jeptha Harrington and Nancy Darwin was maried Jan 17th 1800

    John Kindrick and Mary Darwin was Maried Jan 28th....1803

    William Darwin and Elizabeth Powell was Maried

    John Powell and Rachel Darwin Was Maried

    John Darwin Jnr and Gilley Sandlin Was Maried Nov 15th 1819

    William Beary and Matilda Darwin Was Maried January 7th ... 1819

    Quarto Page Q


    Payton B. Darwin and Mary Wilkerson was Maried January the 27th...... 1825

    Isacc Summerford and Pamelia Darwin was Maried

    John Smarr and Jane Darwin Was Maried

    Quarto Page 1


    1. Elizabeth M. Darwin born Aug. 27th 1822

    2. Sarah Ann Darwin born Jan 20th 1829

    3. John Darwin Jun. born Feb 18th 1831

    4. James Darwin born April 13th 1833

    1. Jane Rebecah Moore born Nov 27th 1828

    Matilda Darwin
    Birth & Death

    Quarto Page 2


    Jane Darwin Departed this life March
    the 10th 1827 about 9 Oclock at night

    Rebecah Darwin Moore Departed
    this life December 14th 1828 about 10
    Oclock at Night

    Sarah Darwin Departed this life
    the 28th of November......1802

    Rachel Powell Departed this life
    the 7th of Nov........1831

    Sarah Ann Darwin Departed this
    life January the 2nd ..... 1830

    [Bottom of page missing from photocopy.]

    Quarto Page 3


    Jane Rebecah Elizabeth Moore
    Departed this life 27th of March

    John Darwin Senior Departed this life
    July 13th..............1837

    Elizabeth M. Darwin Departed this
    Life Oct. 22nd 1837 about 10 Oclock P.M.
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    Elisha BLAND
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    Mary BLAND
    Peyton BLAND
    Pressley BLAND
    Robert BLAND
    Wormley BLAND
    Agnes DARWIN
    Bartlett DARWIN
    Elizabeth Mourning DARWIN
    James DARWIN
    Jane DARWIN
    John DARWIN
    Keziah DARWIN
    Rachel DARWIN
    Rebecca DARWIN
    Sarah DARWIN
    Sarah Ann DARWIN
    William DARWIN
    William DARWIN, Jr.
    Jane Rebecca Elizabeth MOORE
    Margaret RICHMOND
    James Thomas Darwin SUMMERFORD
    John S. Darwin SUMMERFORD
    Family: Peyton Bland DARWIN/Mary WILKERSON (F0094)
    Family: Jephtha HARRINGTON/Nancy DARWIN (F0105)
    Family: John KENDRICK/Mary DARWIN (F0106)
    Family: William DARWIN/Elizabeth POWELL (F0107)
    Family: John POWELL/Rachel DARWIN (F0109)
    Family: John Bland DARWIN/Gilly SANDLIN (F0111)
    Family: John SMARR/Jane DARWIN (F0112)
    Family: William P. BERRY/Matilda DARWIN (F0113)
    Family: Isaac SUMMERFORD/Pamela DARWIN (F0114)
    Family: Robert BLAND/Ann WORMELEY (F0150)
    Family: William DARWIN/Jane (F0181) 

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    Part of Folio 1
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    BIB: Darwin/Bland "Bible" Record: Quarto Z
    Part of Folio 1: Reverse of Quarto Page Y (written upside down)
    BIB: Darwin/Bland 'Bible' Record: Quarto 1
    BIB: Darwin/Bland "Bible" Record: Quarto 1
    One of the detached Quarto pages (sequence of the 3 detached quarto pages is unclear; they are presumed to have been part of the missing signature of the above Folios). Our photocopy omits the bottom part of the detached Quartos.

  •  Notes 
    • Provenance

      We were long unable to establish the precise provenance of this somewhat baffling document. Our own original copy (obtained in the early 1990's) was an incomplete photocopy in the possession of Rev. Jerry L. West, of the Broad River Basin Historical Society of South Carolina, who found it among a range of papers bequeathed him by Mrs. P.G. Sherer of South Carolina. No indication was given of where the original was to be found, or what might be on other pages. Only the first four pages were included in this copy.

      More recently (early 2000's), we obtained a more complete set of photocopies from microfilm filed at the State Archives of Tennessee, ref. MS.AC.67-85, a kind donation by Dero A. Darwin, Jr., of Cookeville, Tennessee, and which is reproduced in this present article. This fuller copy also included a reference to the original document's owner in the 1960's, one Jean Wilkerson of Hickory Grove, South Carolina.

      It was only after first publishing our copies here on the Darwintern (February 2007) that an observation by Christopher B. Darwin has suggested the full provenance, described below.

      Even from our earliest and incomplete copy, it seemed clear that, despite the general reference to this document as a "Bible" record, there are no indications that these pages are indeed from from the sheets of a printed Bible. They appeared far more likely to be from a notebook, presumably using genealogical information derived from one or more family Bibles. And from one page, apparently in the same hand, which records "freshes" (floods) on the Broad River in the period 1784-1834, there was no doubt this document originated from the family of John Darwin (1755-1837).

      These assumptions were confirmed by Quarto Page Z, which contains the initially baffling inscription "Decembus Abram Summerford, his book" that Christopher B. Darwin (drawing on the splendid research by the late Gayle K. Blankenship) illuminated for us with a note pointing out that Decembus Abram Summerford was the father of Isaac Summerford, husband of John Darwin's daughter Pamela (1803-1880).

      It would seem reasonable to suppose that this document started off as a plain sewn notebook in the possession of Isaac Summerford's father, who made the single extant entry on Quarto Page Z. The mostly-blank notebook was then reversed and used, in the 1830's, to record genealogical information probably dervied from a family Bible, or similar record, now lost. There is certainly the possibility that the hand here is of Pamela (Darwin) Summerford, particularly when considering the attention given to the four births recorded on Quarto Page 1: see discussion of The Summerford Secret.

      Still more speculatively, it may be relevant to note that one of Pamela (Darwin) Summerford's granddaughters, Mary Darwin Summerford (1893-1989), married one James Walter Wilkerson (1884-1955) and resided her entire life at Hickory Grove; we do not at present know, but suspect, this is the same Wilkerson family as the 'Jean Wilkerson' said to have owned the original document in the 1960's. This appears to give us a clear line of transmission from John Darwin to the present day.

      From the State Archives photocopies, it is possible to establish that part of the record consists of two foolscap folio leaves, folded quarto, which have become detached from their original sewn signatures. Additionally, there appear to be 3 detached quarto pages, previously unkown to us. There is no pagination indicated, but pages are arranged as follows:

      Folio 1 (Quarto pages A, B, Y, Z)

      Front of Folio 1 consists of Quarto Page Z (writing upside down) and Quarto Page A (rightside up). Reverse of Folio 1 consists of Quarto Pages B and Y, both rightside up, but it is clear from the content that there were previously additional pages in the signature, now missing: in other words, missing pages between A and Y

      Folio 2 (Quarto pages M, Q)

      Only one face of the folio available, showing two non-sequential quarto pages (designated here as M and Q). This appears to be a detached folio from within the same signature as Folio 1, but not immediately following.

      Quarto Page 1

      One of the detached Quarto pages (sequence of the 3 detached quarto pages is unclear; they are presumed to have been part of the missing signature of the above Folios). Our photocopy omits the bottom part of the detached Quartos.

      Quarto Page 2

      Another detached Quarto page.

      Quarto Page 3

      Another detached Quarto page, following Quarto 2 (Quarto 3 was placed on Quarto 2 while the ink of the latter was still damp enough to leave a mirror imprint in places.