MIL-REV: 1834 Thomas Woods Pension Application

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  • Title MIL-REV: 1834 Thomas Woods Pension Application 
    Short Title MIL-REV: 1834 Thomas Woods Pension Application 
    Author NARA, Revolutionary War Pension and Bounty-Land Warrant Application Files, Roll M804 
    Call Number Case File (ref. pending) 
    Repository NARA: National Archives and Records Administration (USA) 
    Source ID S203 
    Text Thomas Woods is named as a Lieutenant serving with John Darwin by Joseph Jamieson, Jacob Black, and Henry Rae.

    Woods' Pension file contains two accounts of his service. The first, dated December 1833, appears to be his own attempt to make application. The second, which closely follows the first document, is the formal court application made on 22 October 1834, in Dallas County, Alabama (as it happens, the same day John Darwin was making his formal application at the court in York County, South Carolina).

    Page 1

    In order to draw a Pension allowed by the Act of Congress passed June the 7th 1832, I here state my Services with my age and the time I entered the Service. I was born on the 13 Day of December 1758. This I took from my Father's Bible and I have it in my own. I was born in South Carolina, Williamsburg Township. In 1774 my Father moved to the back part of South Carolina, York District, where I lived until 1804 when I moved to Kentucky and lived there until 1816 when I moved to the State of Alabama where I now live.

    I was an Orphan. In my 18th year I entered into the Public Service as a Volunteer Horseman for Four Months under Capn Wm Gaston under General Andrew Williamson against the Cherokee Indians. We first marched to East Estoto, then to Calhatchie then to Kawer & Seneca, then we marched on to the Towns on the head of Tennessee. We had a hard battle at the Horse Shoe mountain then we marched to the Valley Town on Sliwassee & then back by Chota to Seneca which was an Indian Town in South Carolina and Williamson's head-quarters where I served four Months as a private Foot-Soldier in building a Fort and guarding it under Capn. Robert Lusk & the said General Williamson.

    I next served four Months as a Volunteer Horseman in the Florida Campaign in 1778 as well as I can recollect under the said Lusk & Williamson. We marched through Georgia, crossed the Altamaha and St. Tillis Rivers on to St. Marys, where we were under General Wm Howe of the Continental line.

    In 1779 I served four Months under Major Ross as a Volunteer Horseman in Georgia, where we were under the command of General Ash and were defeated at Briar Creek. And Ross was killed in a battle with the Creek Indians at Golphins

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    Cow Pens.

    In 1780 Charleston fell. I fell in as a Volunteer under Andrew Neil as a Horseman for Four Months who acted as a Colonel under Sumpter and was present when we defeated and killed Capn Hook of the British Dragoons in Williamsons Lane. I was at the battle of Rockey-Mount and Hanging Rock and many skirmishes with the Tories.

    In 1781 Sumpter raised a Brigade of State Troops for Ten Months. I entered that Service as a Serjant Major under Colonel Henry Hampton of the Third Regiment, but did Adjutant's duty most of the time in Wade Hamptons Regiment which was the first Regiment and Colonel Richardson as Adjutant for Six Months but as I have no proof of having held that Office I am willing to take the pay of a private Horseman for The Ten Months.

    In 1782 I commanded a Company of Foot Militia four months in South Carolina under Major Hannah and General Henderson. I got my Commission from the Governor John Rutledge, but do not know what became of it. We were stationed on North Edisto in South Carolina and were most of our time in collecting Tory wives & sending them to their Husbands in Charleston

    Thomas Woods
    9 December 1833

    Declaration - Page 1

    State of Alabama
    Dallas County

    On this 22nd day of October personally appeared before me Joshua Watson a Justice of the peace of the county aforesaid Thomas Woods a resident of the County & State aforesaid, aged seventy three years & ten months, who being duly sworn according to law doth on his oath make the following declaration in order to obtain the benefit of the act of Congress, passed June 7th 1832.

    That he entered the service of the United States under the following named officers, & served as herein stated, namely under Captain William Gaston, Commanded by Genl Andrew Williamson, against the Cherokee Indians, as a Volunteer horseman, in 1776, for the term of four months, from South Carolina, York District. Marched through the Cherokee nation & fought in one general ingagement at the Horse-Shoe mountain, & several skirmishes. Again in the same year under Captain Robert Lusk, & the above said Genl. Williamson, as a volunteer militia footman to build a fort at Seneca in the upper parts of South Carolina, a term of four months. Again under the aforesaid Lusk & Williamson, as as recollected in 1778, in the Florida Expedition, a term of four months as a volunteer horseman. Again under the command of Major Ross & Genl. Ash at the time of the battle of Brier-Creek, in the state of Georgia, as well recollected in 1779, a term of four months. Again after the Capture of Charleston in South Carolina, in 1780, under the Command of Capt. Andrew Neil, & Col. Thomas Sumpter, as a volunteer horseman for a term of between four & five months, in which time I was at the defeat of Capt. Huck of Tarltons dragoons at Williamsons Lane, in York District S.C. & again at the battle of Rocky-mount, & again at the battle of the Hanging Rock, & at several skirmishes with the tories in the state of S.C. After Col. Sumpter got wounded at the battle of Blackstocks, he ordered me to raise four (4) men to guard him at Prices in North Carolina. While he was there, I was sent by him to carry several dangerous expresses, for the term of four months.

    In 1781, Genl. Sumpter raised a Brigade of State-troops, for ten months, in the State of S.C. I joined this Brigade as Searjeant Major, but did Adjutant duty in Col. Wade Hamptons regiment, part in S.C. & part in Gg. under Genl. Wayne during the service. In 1782, I commanded

    Declaration - Page 2

    a Company of foot militia, under a Comn from Govr Rutledge, under Major Hannah & Genl. Henderson, in South Carolina, on North Edisto.

    He hereby relinquishes every claim to a pension or annuity, acept the present, & declares that his name is not on the pension roll of the agency of any State.

    Sworn to & subscribed the day & year aforesaid

    Thomas Woods
    Joshua Watson, a Justice of the peace

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