CEN: 1860 TX Brazos

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  • Title CEN: 1860 TX Brazos 
    Short Title CEN: 1860 TX Brazos 
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    Text The Eighth Federal Census of 1860 is in the same format as that of the 1850 Census, but with the addition of one additional column (9: Value of Personal Estate):

    1 Number of Dwelling
    2 Number of Family within Dwelling
    3 Name
    4 Age
    5 Sex
    6 Color (Race)
    7 Occupation
    8 Value of Real Estate
    9 Value of Personal Estate
    10 Birthplace
    11 Married within year
    12 Attended School within year
    13 Over 20 and illiterate
    14 Deaf, dumb, blind, insane, idiotic, pauper or convict?

    Household of Reuben Darwin

    Boonville (24 July 1860): Dwelling/Family: 574/574

    Reuben Darwin, 41, M, Farmer, real estate 750, personal 2690, b. La.
    Overton, 19, M, Laborer, b. La.
    Howard, 17, M, Laborer, b. La.
    Ellen, 16, F, housekeeper, b. La.
    Ritson, 13, M, b. La.
    Banks, 10, M, Laborer, b. La.
    Izorah, 9, F, b. La.

    Household of George W. Darwin

    Boonville (24 July 1860): Dwelling/Family: 575/575

    Geo. Darwin, 26, M, Laborer, personal 80, b. Tex
    Eliza, 22, F, housekeeper, b. La.
    Ruphus, 3, M, b. Tex.

    Household of Jacob Robertson

    Boonville (24 July 1860): Dwelling/Family: 577/577

    Jacob Robertson, 51, M, Stock Raiser, real estate 730, personal 1615, b. LA.
    Narcissa Robertson, 48, F, Sewing Machinist, b. LA
    James Robertson, 22, M, Stock Raiser, b. LA
    Jeff W. Robertson, 20, M, Laborer, b. LA
    Ralph R. Robertson, 18, M, Laborer, b. LA
    William L. Robertson, 16, M, Stock Minder, b. LA
    Margaret A. Robertson, 14, F, b. LA
    Nancy A. Robertson, 12, F, b. LA
    Sarah E. Robertson, 8, F, b. LA
    Oceola A. Robertston, 6, M, b. LA
    James Darwin, 35, M, b. LA
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    Ralph R. ROBERTSON
    Sarah E. ROBERTSON
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  • Census (USA)
    CEN: 1860 TX - Brazos
    CEN: 1860 TX - Brazos
    Eighth Federal Census:
    Reuben Darwin
    George W. Darwin